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See where we deliver exams and assessments


Decent bandwidth and 4G connectivity is just a dream for most people in the world. There are two main reasons for this: a) the infrastructure is simply not in place and b) where it is, most cannot afford it.

The result is many countries in the world present an inhospitable environment for those who need to set up a network of test centres. Schools in the hinterland are left to muddle along and the children are placed at an even greater disadvantage.

Because we are based in Brazil, we are well aware of these problems and have successfully delivered computer-based tests over the past 17 years, tests as feature rich and advanced as any in the market. Our strength lies in our ability to deliver them despite low bandwidth and often out-of-date computers.

If you are wary of both the connectivity and state of equipment available in your country, you should speak with us. We can provide you with a secure testing and assessment solution in the language of your choice at the right price for your market.



“Choose the modules you want.”
“Use Prepona cloud support for your platform.”
“Host the platform on your own servers.”
“Host only the content management system on your own servers and still maintain total integration with all other modules.”
Mobile access for candidate or student registration see test payment test booking Full test-centre network management system Secure test content management system for item banking and calibration test building and validation, plus test delivery. Included are essay marking and oral assessment systems, plus rapid candidate appeals management test results digital certificates


Replace simple quizzes in you distance-learning platform with the power of an advanced testing & assessment platform. Give formal computer-based exams, as well all the assessments you need, and feed all the results straight into your LMS



LOFT (distribution by domain or sub-domain)
Mixed MC + short discursive texts
On-site performance evaluation
Single or Multiple form
Constructed Response
Equation Response
Gap Match
Multiple Choice
Multiple Select
Text Entry

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