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Our enrolment module that allows you to structure your certification programme the way you want. It will enable all corporate clients to register and include their own structures for people certification programmes they are sponsoring. Individuals can easily enrol as well. You can also add our exam billing module to this if you wish.

If you have your own certification site, there’s no problem. We can easily hook it up to our test-booking module.


You can use our content management module for item creation, item banking, building test banks and setting test parameters. It is designed for multiple users (content providers, supervisors, psychometricians, finance staff) who can work online from home or in secure environments according to how you structure secure access. This will provide you with the flexibility and security you desire.


If you so wish, candidates can file appeals against the test as a whole, or individual items and tasks, at the test centre (post-test) or afterwards online (post-event). And if that is the case, you can manage all appeals, request technical opinions from content providers and experts, as well as announce your decisions – and do so all online.


Our essay-marking module allows you to set all marking and mediation parameters, register the examiners and manage the whole process with ease. The module will also feed you all relevant metrics on individual examiners and their performance, as well as allow you to feed the right information to your accounts department for payment purposes.

This module also allows for evaluating and mediating oral and in-situ performance assessments.


Everyone concerned – from candidates to corporate sponsors, content providers to supervisors, examiners to mediators, psychometricians and management – can generate the reports they need in real time. This module also allows you to hold the digital certificates of all successful candidates, and each and every one of them has their own “shop window”. Don’t forget, you decide on who gets to see what.

Why us and what we can do for you?


Why Prepona?

Our end-to-end platform can meet the testing requirements of the most demanding clients from a wide range of sectors. And we are sure it will work for you.

With a capacity of delivering up to 30 million online or offline tests a year, our high-performance platform meets the needs of exam boards, as well as local and state school boards. It is also a perfect fit for educational platforms used by large school groups, as well as HR consultancies.

Given that it can be used by people who want to work in any of a large number of languages it is also ideal for large corporate clients running T&A programmes across the globe. Corporate clients in Brazil include CHEVRON, LAFARGE and SWIFT.

Prepona is the platform of choice for professional bodies in Brazil running CBT-based professional certification programmes, such as: ABECIP, ANBIMA, APIMEC, FEBRABAN, IBGC, IBRI, ICSS/ABRAPP e ICSS/CFA.



We can provide a full consulting service to help you set up your professional certification programme. We cover everything from the structure you need right through to the templates of the documentation necessary for aligning your professional certification programme with ISO standard 17024. We can also happily provide all the orientation you require to ensure a smooth transition from a paper-based (PBT) programme to a computer-based one (CBT).

We are always on hand to give workshops on item writing if your team of content providers feel they need it. And, on top of the manuals and tutorials on offer, we are always glad to set workshops for everyone you appoint to use our platform.

Make use of our item calibration and analysis services, or let your psychometricians make full use of our psychometric analysis and reporting tools.

We provide a wide range of reports – from the individual level through groups and regions to feedback – all of which are generated in real time.



Depending on your needs, you can deliver any of the following types of test:

  • Multiple choice
    • CAT
    • LOFT
    • Single or multiple form – These can be split into modules, domains and sub-domains with a wide range of question formats and allowing for weighting at both item and answer level.
  • Essay
    • Single or multiple task (all optional or compulsory plus optional) – that can be marked by single or multiple essay readers with mediation and our FMC comments system.
  • Oral assessment
    • Single task or multiple task – that can include visual prompts and full recording capability and involve either single interviewer or two-person interview team plus mediation and our FMC comment system.
  • Our tests can include graphics, images (CAT scans, for example), calculators, magnifying glass, reference material, plus audio and video files. You can also make available pre-test tutorials, post-test feedback questionnaires and explanations for answers. Test takers can see their score and even file appeals against the test as a whole or against individual items if you want.
  • Our tests also cater to the blind and people with low vision.


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