Remote Tests

If you’d rather deliver high-stakes exams at people’s homes, we have three options to meet your needs:

1. Our application, Prepona Test-App®, detects and blocks the use of other software and functions on the subject's computer or notebook. Once downloaded, it can deliver offline and online tests with or without remote proctoring. To further mitigate the risks, we can also use test takers’ smartphones as a second device, enhancing security.

2. Delivering online tests is another option and is similar to services offered in the market, which provides a certain degree of security and also allows remote proctoring. Like other purely online options, it is not as secure as the first option.

3. We are launching a service that provides a level of security midway between the two options listed above. We’re sure you’ll like it!

Would you like to talk about your assessment or credentialing program? Our experts will help you choose the best option for you.

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