Testing at Test Centers

When scoping any project, we start off by studying the risks and looking for options eliminating or mitigating them. The same happens when, for example, you choose to offer your certification program or your entrance exam at test centers. You will normally come across two scenarios:

Poor connectivity:

Downloading tests, checking every computer in the room, distributing the tests on the computers... these are some of the many processes to ensure the smooth execution of any test session. But then, after all that preparation, the connection is bad! Imagine test taker frustration – and that’s on top of normal stress felt by people taking an important test!

No connection:

An even worse scenario is losing your internet connection on the day of the event!

The need to cancel the exam on the day causes a lot of stress, frustration and financial loss for everybody involved, not just the test takers.

With Prepona you can avoid these problems.

We can deliver your test, no matter how complex it is, anywhere in the world and with a high degree of security without needing an internet connection during the test session.

We use the processing “power” of computers in your network's test centers in four steps:

1. The test administrator or proctor uses Prepona's TCM (Prepona TestCentre-Mng®) to control and ensure secure delivery of all tests.

2. TCM has a secure connection with our servers and downloads all encrypted test bundles for delivery on following day.

3. On the day of the test, proctors use TCM to check test taker IDs and distribute the tests to the test terminals. The test center does not need to be connected to the internet for the session to take place.

4. TCM keeps an encrypted mirror of each test being taken at the test center, mitigating losses that may happen. When TCM knows it has a secure connection with our servers it then uploads all encrypted test logs automatically. This file transfer can take place during or after the test session, reducing the need for proctor involvement.

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